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Long Harbour and Walker’s hook. It is a wild part of the coast that is rarely visited but that I find quite beautiful with steep cliffs and impressive arbutus trees.

The weather is looking good.

I propose OTW at 10:00 from Quebec street, out with the last two hours of the outgoing tide. Paddle to Walker’s hook or beyond, possibility of lunch and/or swim on Walker’s hook, return with the incoming tide by 16:00 or thereabouts.

Thursday August 24

Crofton Marshes

Host: Susan 

On the water: 1000

Launch site: Southey Point at Arbutus Road

Return by:  1700

Launch at Southey Point off Arbutus Road and cross over to Tent island, possible stop depending on permission granted.  Then over to Willy Island island.  Lunch on Willy Island.  Paddle up the Chemainus River.  There are 2 longish crossings, one of them across a major boat travel lane.  We’ll paddle closely as a group.  Must be able to self rescue.  

Thursday August 17

Portland Island

Host: Malcolm 

On the water: 0900

Launch site:  Hamilton Beach 

Return by: 1530

Paddle from Hamilton Beach across to Portland Island.  Enjoy time on the beach,  and a picnic lunch, a paddle around the island before returning to Salt Spring mid-afternoon.

Thursday August 10, 2023

Thetis Pub Paddle 

Host: Colin 

On the water: 1130

Return by: 1700

Launch:  Southey Point

We’ll launch on a flooding tide from Southey Point .  Parking is tight, so double up if possible.  We’ll head to the southern point of Penelakut Island then up the west side of the island, pulling into Lamalchi Bay. It’s a nice spot to walk around and check out the old church or go for a dip in the shallow waters of the bay. There was a battle in the bay in 1863 between the British navy and the Lamalchi Band that you may want to look up. 

We’ll carry on up the coast to the Thetis Pub at the marina for lunch. Then we will take our time going through The Cut into Clam Bay and around Penelakut Spit, at the turn of the tide. We’ll paddle along Norway, Mowgli and then turn towards Southey Point.  

Thursday August 3, 2023

Wallace Island, and Retreat Cove on Galiano

Host: Sonja 

On the water: 1000 

Return by: 1630

Launch site:  Hudson Point

 Paddle across to Wallace Island and possibly transit to Retreat Cove on Galiano Island for lunch and swimming.  Paddle back to the Northern point of Wallace for a picnic, then head south on the west side of Wallace and into the marina for a picnic .  West side & into the marina before returning to Hudson Point.  Bring your lunch.

Friday July 28, 2023

Lamalchi Bay on Penelakut Island

Hosts: Bryan  & Sheila .

On the water at 1100.

Return by approx. 1630.

Launch site: Southey Point off Arbutus Road

.We’ll travel towards the southern tip of Penelakut Island with light tidal currents. Passing between Penelakut and Tent Islands we will make our way north along the west side of Penelakut. For those unfamiliar with the history, Bryan will provide a summary of what he knows about the sorry history of Lamalchi Bay. There, we can stop for lunch and a swim before continuing north, passing the carved sandstone shore, and cliffs covered with swallows nests. We will decide together on our most northerly point perhaps stopping at Tent Island if the Penelakut First Nation is permitting visits which might be subject to a fee. After a rest stop there possibly to swim we will cross the channel back to Southey Point. Confidence in basic kayaking and comfort on more open stretches of water with variable conditions. 

Bring your lunch!

Friday July 14, 2023

Grandma’s Beach and the South End coastline.

Host: Tangachee

On the water at 1000.  

Return by approx. 1600.

Launch site: Hamilton Beach.

An easy and relaxing paddle without any ferry crossings.  Around the picturesque coast to lovely Grandma’s Beach in Ruckle Park for picnic lunch before returning by 1600 hours.  Limited to 8 paddlers. Please carpool if possible to reduce parking challenges. 

Bring your lunch.

Wednesday July 5, 2023

Booth Bay and Idol Island

Host: Nora Layard

On the water at 1000. 

Launch site:  Nora will announce the exact put-in location when you sign up. 

This is an easy paddle from Booth Bay towards Idol Island, meandering along the coast and exploring the underwater shoreline as we go. It’s one of the lowest tides of the year about noon.  We’ll catch the ebb tide going out and the incoming tide will bring us home. 

Friday June 30, 2023

Circumnavigation of Prevost Island

Host: Sheila 

Please join Sheila on what could be a circumnavigation of Prevost island.   Always a popular trip.  Sheila says is COULD be a circumnavigation because there’s a strong rising tide all day.  We’ll head down Long harbour  and carry along the south end to the Light House beach. .  We’ll judge tides and and currents before deciding to head over towards James Bay on Prevost perhaps for a hike.  If the current is too strong we will go back the same way we came, using eddys to help us along the shore.  This will be a long- but but hopefully a slow and easy day. There’ll be regular breaks through the day

Launch:  Ontario Place off Quebec Drive.

Meet on the beach at 0830 and on the water (OTW) at 0900

Return to launch site before 1800 hours.

This will allow us to have most of the slack tide at the low end to get out of Long Harbour before the tide starts working against us.

Return to launch site around 1700 to o1800 hour with a flooding tide.  

Tides for June 30 out of Ganges

0920   1.8 feet

1748   10.2 feet

Thanks Jude for all your organizing!

Wednesday June 21, 2023

Solstice Potluck on Russell Island

Host: Jude Oliver

Enjoy the longest day of the year by getting on the water, and finishing the day with a potluck feast on Russell Island! Note this is a WEDNESDAY paddle!

There are two options for this paddle. 

Longer Option 1. On the water (OTW) at Hamilton Beach at 1000.  Paddle to Portland Island, circumnavigate the island, laze on the beach and hike the island.  Return to Russell Island by 1730 to join our second group for s potluck dinner.  Bring picnic lunch and your evening potluck contribution.  We’ll be back on Salt Spring at Hamilton Beach by 2030.  PLEASE carpool as parking is very tight.

Shorter Option 2.  Shorter paddle to Russell for a potluck dinner at 1730 hours.  OTW at 1615 at Drummond  Park and back on Salt Spring at Drummond Park around 2045.  Suggest parking at Drummond to avoid congestion at Hamilton launch site. Tide will be about 3.1 feet but rising steadily.  This group will self-lead over to Russell Island.  Again, car pooling strongly encouraged.  We’ll be back on Salt Spring at Hamilton Beach by 2030. 

In either case, bring a contribution to the potluck feast.  Also, bring your utensils, plate and mug and beverage of choice.  Looking forward to seeing newer members on this paddle too!

 Please specify Option 1 or 2.  

Tides for June 21 out of Fulford Harbour:

0540   9.7 feet

1340   1.4 feet

2206   10.9 feet

A great day on the water,  thanks Sheila for organizing

from Paddler’s Google Group

Hello folks ..

who would like to join me??
destination would be a group decision .. north or south based on the group. 
contact me by replying to this email – 
thanks all 
thanks for the response .. we will go with Monday – for anyone else that may be considering this.
I will  leave this to tomorrow for the final sign up.
Preferences on north end or south end??
We have a falling tide to 1 ish in the afternoon – and the low tides are LOW!!!
but coming in strong after that – up to 12 feet ..
Sounds like a good scenario for a south end launch – out on a falling tide .. in on a rise?
Let me know what your preferences are ..
thanks so much for your interest!!

okay everyone .. this sounds amazing ..

and I believe we have our group. 
Thank you to anyone seeing this to let me know of your interest-  if we have anyone stepping away between now and Monday. It will be a waitlist. 
I will connect later to those that have responded with my ideas on where and when.
until then..

Season Kick-off Event

Sunday May 7- 12-2 PM

Drummond Park

  • Pizza will be provided as well as other snacks and tea.
  • Bryan will demonstrate how to get your Kayak ready for the season
  • Day Paddles for the upcoming season will be discussed and you will have a chance to sign up to host a paddle.
  • Please let Gerry K. know if you will be attending so I can better estimate pizza requirements.

  • For those who are interested, there will be a short paddle around Fulford Harbour or to Russel Island after the meeting. May have to launch from Hamilton Beach if tides are too low.   
Training Update 
  • Level 1, Sat and Sunday, June 10th/11th  
  • Rescue Clinic8.30am to 12.00pm Friday June 9th
  •  Level 1Sat and Sunday, June 24th/25th, 
  • HOST TRAINING, Saturday, May 27th 8.30am to 12.30pm, 
The hats have proven to be quite popular, so we will be placing a small top up order. There appeared to be interest in the pink colour. If you would like a pink one please contact Colin so it can be added to the order. 
Is anyone interested in getting on the water tomorrow? It’s supposed to be a beuitiful day.

Just a bit of an update.

The decision was made to paddle to Portland Is.

  • so we will launch from Hamilton Beach at 10:45 

  • paddle to and circumnavigate the island 

  • lunch and explore on Portland Is.

  • return mid to afternoon

We have booked the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club for meetings.

  •  6:45  Doors Open
  • 7:00  Meet & Greet (Tea / Coffee and Goodies)
  • Club Business
  • Presentation
  • Cleanup
Guest Speaker Jack R
If you thought an overnight paddle to Portland Island was fraught with challenges, come listen to Jack speak about a 2600 nautical mile expedition from Skagway Alaska to Nome, winding down the Yukon River into the Bering Sea. A trip like this is probably beyond the ambition of most of us, but we can learn from his experience planning and executing an epic expedition, when it comes to our own longer trips. Perhaps it will inspire us to push ourselves a bit further in the future. Please see his bio below.

Jack Rosen has led outdoor adventures in the BC wilderness and beyond for over 40 years.  Jack started his career running wilderness programs for Young Offenders taking them on 26 day or 12 weekend sessions in the mountains and waterways of Vancouver Island.  After 10 years he moved on to running the Challenge program for Social Services and SSI Community Services, taking ADD, ADHD and youth with social issues out into the wilderness using kayaking and mountaineering as a medium for healing.  Jack built the climbing gym and got funding for it to aid in this program.   The gym operated for the public, as well as the Challenge program, for 30 years before closing down over Covid in 2020.   

In 1990 Jack and his partner Candace created Island Escapades Adventures, a kayak company that also did climbing, hiking, mountaineering, camps for youth and Kayak Guides courses, Expeditions and Outdoor Education Program for schools. Midway through the life of Island Escapades they opened a storefront in Downtown Ganges that run Day Tours, sold Outdoor Gear, Clothing, kayaks and skateboard apparel and accessories.  After 28 years, in 2018 Island Escapades was sold including the storefront and Jack and Candace opened up Coastal Current Adventures to continue on with the Youth Camps, Outdoor Education programs, Guide Courses, Kayak Expedition and larger Expeditions to Alaska.  Jack has taught for Universities in Chile, colleges in B.C. and paddled over 18,000 Nautical Miles in a long outdoor career.  The slide show on April 20th will be about his last Alaska Expedition from Skagway Alaska to Nome winding over 2600 Nautical Miles down the Yukon River and into the Bering Sea.  


  • Feature Speaker

    • Lisa, an incredible instructor who has worked with us for many seasons will be presenting a cold water paddling session
  • 6:45  Doors Open
  • 7:00  Meet & Greet (Tea / Coffee and Goodies)
  • Club Business
  • Presentation
  • Cleanup
  • Club Hats
    Available at the club meeting ……..  only $25!
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