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A great day on the water,  thanks Sheila for organizing

from Paddler’s Google Group

Hello folks ..

who would like to join me??
destination would be a group decision .. north or south based on the group. 
contact me by replying to this email – 
thanks all 
thanks for the response .. we will go with Monday – for anyone else that may be considering this.
I will  leave this to tomorrow for the final sign up.
Preferences on north end or south end??
We have a falling tide to 1 ish in the afternoon – and the low tides are LOW!!!
but coming in strong after that – up to 12 feet ..
Sounds like a good scenario for a south end launch – out on a falling tide .. in on a rise?
Let me know what your preferences are ..
thanks so much for your interest!!

okay everyone .. this sounds amazing ..

and I believe we have our group. 
Thank you to anyone seeing this to let me know of your interest-  if we have anyone stepping away between now and Monday. It will be a waitlist. 
I will connect later to those that have responded with my ideas on where and when.
until then..

Season Kick-off Event

Sunday May 7- 12-2 PM

Drummond Park

  • Pizza will be provided as well as other snacks and tea.
  • Bryan will demonstrate how to get your Kayak ready for the season
  • Day Paddles for the upcoming season will be discussed and you will have a chance to sign up to host a paddle.
  • Please let Gerry K. know if you will be attending so I can better estimate pizza requirements.

  • For those who are interested, there will be a short paddle around Fulford Harbour or to Russel Island after the meeting. May have to launch from Hamilton Beach if tides are too low.   
Training Update 
  • Level 1, Sat and Sunday, June 10th/11th  
  • Rescue Clinic8.30am to 12.00pm Friday June 9th
  •  Level 1Sat and Sunday, June 24th/25th, 
  • HOST TRAINING, Saturday, May 27th 8.30am to 12.30pm, 
The hats have proven to be quite popular, so we will be placing a small top up order. There appeared to be interest in the pink colour. If you would like a pink one please contact Colin so it can be added to the order. 
Is anyone interested in getting on the water tomorrow? It’s supposed to be a beuitiful day.

Just a bit of an update.

The decision was made to paddle to Portland Is.

  • so we will launch from Hamilton Beach at 10:45 

  • paddle to and circumnavigate the island 

  • lunch and explore on Portland Is.

  • return mid to afternoon

We have booked the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club for meetings.

  •  6:45  Doors Open
  • 7:00  Meet & Greet (Tea / Coffee and Goodies)
  • Club Business
  • Presentation
  • Cleanup
Guest Speaker Jack R
If you thought an overnight paddle to Portland Island was fraught with challenges, come listen to Jack speak about a 2600 nautical mile expedition from Skagway Alaska to Nome, winding down the Yukon River into the Bering Sea. A trip like this is probably beyond the ambition of most of us, but we can learn from his experience planning and executing an epic expedition, when it comes to our own longer trips. Perhaps it will inspire us to push ourselves a bit further in the future. Please see his bio below.

Jack Rosen has led outdoor adventures in the BC wilderness and beyond for over 40 years.  Jack started his career running wilderness programs for Young Offenders taking them on 26 day or 12 weekend sessions in the mountains and waterways of Vancouver Island.  After 10 years he moved on to running the Challenge program for Social Services and SSI Community Services, taking ADD, ADHD and youth with social issues out into the wilderness using kayaking and mountaineering as a medium for healing.  Jack built the climbing gym and got funding for it to aid in this program.   The gym operated for the public, as well as the Challenge program, for 30 years before closing down over Covid in 2020.   

In 1990 Jack and his partner Candace created Island Escapades Adventures, a kayak company that also did climbing, hiking, mountaineering, camps for youth and Kayak Guides courses, Expeditions and Outdoor Education Program for schools. Midway through the life of Island Escapades they opened a storefront in Downtown Ganges that run Day Tours, sold Outdoor Gear, Clothing, kayaks and skateboard apparel and accessories.  After 28 years, in 2018 Island Escapades was sold including the storefront and Jack and Candace opened up Coastal Current Adventures to continue on with the Youth Camps, Outdoor Education programs, Guide Courses, Kayak Expedition and larger Expeditions to Alaska.  Jack has taught for Universities in Chile, colleges in B.C. and paddled over 18,000 Nautical Miles in a long outdoor career.  The slide show on April 20th will be about his last Alaska Expedition from Skagway Alaska to Nome winding over 2600 Nautical Miles down the Yukon River and into the Bering Sea.  


  • Feature Speaker

    • Lisa, an incredible instructor who has worked with us for many seasons will be presenting a cold water paddling session
  • 6:45  Doors Open
  • 7:00  Meet & Greet (Tea / Coffee and Goodies)
  • Club Business
  • Presentation
  • Cleanup
  • Club Hats
    Available at the club meeting ……..  only $25!

Hi Paddlers,

Thanks to everyone who responded to the invite for this social event. It looks like we will have about 20-25 attendees. Remember, spouses/partners are welcome.
Many thanks to Ruth who has volunteered to prepare the main meal, a vegetarian chili, and to Geri and James who will provide the cornbread. For those who are able, please bring a small dessert or appetizer to share with the group. Tea and snacks will be provided.  Also, please bring your own dishes and utensils to reduce waste.
The event will be held at Ruckle Park, Group Campsite 2. It is usually open for our use but, if not, we will occupy one of the other group sites. For anyone not familiar with the layout of the park, please contact me for directions.
If weather is an issue, then the Saturday event will be moved to Sunday, same place, same time. Obviously, if both days are washed out (or snowed out) then the event will be cancelled. The call will be made on Thursday Dec 15.
Hope to see everyone there. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Gerry  ….

This paddle was modified to address strong winds and rough seas.
We enjoyed great company, a  leisurely lunch on the beach, a hike to Nose Pt., and a thorough exploration of Long Harbour.   Thanks, Sheila
Friday, August 26 
Please join Sheila on this 13NM paddle around Prevost Island –
The below map shows the route.  I would like to limit this to 6 – 8 paddlers with intermediate experience, and with an understanding/ practice of a wet rescue technique.
I will keep a waitlist.
We have a falling tide until 11:am, therefore, going clockwise to hopefully avoid mucky beaches at Lighthouse beach and James Bay later in the day.
Launch at Quebec Drive boat Launch at 9:30 OTW with a falling tide helping us out of Long Harbour, then on to our first stop at Owl Islet.
The second stop will be at what I call Lighthouse beach – just west of the Portlock point where the lighthouse is located.  There will be time for a bit of a walkabout if desired.
The third stop will be James Bay to check out the campsite and apple trees – if time allows.
Bring lots of food and drink.
This is not a technically difficult paddle with little in the way of large open water to cross — but it is a long day.
We will aim to be back at the launch site by 5:00 pm.. depending on how much we linger at our various stops.
Weather will be considered as we approach the day – and if the significant wind is expected – we may delay the trip.
Cell phone coverage is available throughout the route.
2022-08-26 (Fri)
Time PDTHeight (m)Height (ft)
This paddle was canceled for safety reasons.
Friday, August 19

The popular Crofton Marshes trip is back.

We’ll be on the water at Southey Point Launch site at 1000 and cross the 2nm to Tent Island where we will explore for a short time. Then we will cross to Willy Island and have lunch in a protected bay. Once the tide has risen sufficiently we will make our way through the marshes and up the creek to a deep swimming hole, where we will partake if it is warm enough. Hopefully, we will return by 5:00.
The trip is limited to 10 people. You must know how to self-rescue if you tip over. There are two long crossings across boat lanes. These can be challenging if the wind comes up.

Hour and height in m’s of the tide

Meet at Hudson Point at 0930 to be on the water at 1000. The tide will be very
dropping still and the beach is long and shallow. Parking is limited so please carpool!
We’ll paddle down to Beach for a stretch break before crossing to explore Ballingall, Wise and Charles Islands off the coast of Montague harbour. We’ll continue on to the beach at Montague for a picnic lunch. The flood tide will ease our return via Walker Hook Beach where we’ll take a break and swim. We plan to be back at Hudson by 1700. Distance approx 14.5 NM. There’s an open crossing on Trincomali Channel and always a potential for wind.

Not suitable for novice paddlers.

Paddle to be lead by Sonja

-Click Here (Video)

We will launch from Southey Point on the north end of Salt Spring Island. Please be aware that parking is limited and there is a bit of an awkward drop to the launch area.

We will be on the water for 1030 launching on the tail end of a flooding tide. We will head over to Josling Pt at the southern end of Penelakut Island then turning up the west side of Penelakut. We will pull into Lamalchi Bay to stretch our legs and a bit of a walk about. It’s a beautiful shallow bay famous in 1863 for the only tactical defeat inflicted by local first nations people on the Royal Navy, with terrible consequences later for the village and members of the band. It also has an old abandoned church that sometimes we are allowed in, if the band member with a key is around.

From there we head to Telegraph Harbour and the Thetis Pub for lunch, the main objective for many past participants! After lunch we will paddle through The Cut and then head to the west side of Norway, Mowgli and a portion of the Secretaries, then head back to Southey Point, all on a very small ebbing tide. We should be back around 4pm.

This is approximately a 10 NM round trip with open water so not recommended for a novice paddler. As always, the wind and weather on the day is a factor and that will be reviewed closer to the date.

5.38 am PDT Low Tide 4.55 feet
12.26 pm PDT High Tide 8.78 feet
4.45 pm PDT Low Tide 8.01 feet

Friday July 22

Dinner Cruise to Russell Island

A leisurely paddle out to Russell Island for dinner.

Host: Susan

Launch site: Hamilton Beach

Plan:  On the water at 1615 hours.  We’ll paddle out to Russell Island and circumnavigate the Island.  After dinner on the beach (bring your own!) we’ll explore the island on foot.   Return time to Hamilton Beach will be be around 2000 to 2030.

Friday July 15

Paddle to Moresby Island

An all day paddle to Moresby Island returning to Salt Spring in the late afternoon.

Host: Michael

Launch site: Fraser Road (alternate launch Seabright Road off Menhinick Drive).

Plan:  We will meet at 0900 on the beach in the cove off Fraser Rd to make a decision about the launch site. If it is determined that the site is too muddy we will drive to the beach off Menhinick Drive where parking is a bit of a nuisance. So if you arrive late to Fraser and there are no cars there, you know where we have gone (and why). OTW is 1015.  The paddle passes the east end of Russell, across Satellite Channel to the channel between Chad and Portland Islands.  This section of the route crosses the ferry lane for about 1.1 nautical miles and the group will stay together.  There will be a short break on the east beach of Portland. We will continue on crossing Moresby Passage and the second ferry lane for about 1.2 nm. (where the group will also stay together). This section of the paddle has a brisk following/port current of approx. 3kn. on the ebbing tide so we will take a heading for Reynard Pt. which should bring us in at the westerly facing beach on Moresby for lunch. The trip out should take about 3 hours. The return trip takes a similar route this time with a 3kn. following/port current on the flooding tide across Moresby Passage. Return is expected approximately 5-6pm.

  • Bring your lunch, snacks and water
  • This trip is  12 +/- nautical miles
  • Return time to Fraser Rd. beach is approx. 5-6pm

Ferry Schedule information: Ferries depart Vancouver and Swartz Bay on the hour. Outward bound we may need to contend with ferries departing 10:00 and/or 11:00 from both directions. In bound we may need to contend with ferries departing at 2:00 and/or 3:00.

Skill level: Moderate +

Group size limited to 8 and a wait list will be maintained.


Tangachee, Rod, Johanna and Michael paddled to Moresby on a double and 2 singles. We postponed departure date to Saturday July 16/2022 due to the unsettled weather forecast. And a good decision it was because the conditions on the Saturday were perfect. There was a concern about returning to Fraser Road beach on the low tide due to deep mud in the bay. We checked out Seabright beach off Menhinick as an alternative landing site and found that the new narrow gateway is apparently designed to stop boats from being transported to and from the beach. We checked out Fraser beach on the day prior to our departure and found that even on a 0.0 m. tide it was possible to avoid most of the mud by skirting the rocks on the east side of the bay. At our departure time of 9:30 the tide was still fairly high and launching was easy. We headed for Arbutus point on Portland pausing at Satellite Channel to assess ferry traffic. Rod introduced us to ‘Marine Traffic’ app which proved invaluable to knowing where ferries were before we could see them. The tricky part is figuring out which side of Portland the ferries are running. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to it. But the app helped us see which way the ferries were likely to go. We rested on the beach just before Arbutus Point. The paddle across Moresby Passage was somewhat challenging with churning waters about half way over. But this lasted only about 10 minutes. There was also a 3kt ebbing current at play so we headed for the tip of Raynard Pt. somewhat north of our destination. The Moresby Passage crossing was about an hour. And there was no waiting for ferries. When we arrived offshore at Moresby we explored the coast from Raynard Pt. to Seymour Pt. Then turned around and landed on the beach north of Seymour Pt. for lunch. The return followed the same route without stopping on Portland. This time we did have to wait for a Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay ferry to pass. When we arrived at Fraser Beach about 3pm the tide was about .4 m. We could paddle most of the way to the beach and then drag kayaks over soft mud the rest of the way without difficulty. That small fresh water outlet and stream was useful for washing off our feet. Rod and Johanna used wheels to get their double up the hill to the parking area. We were in our vehicles shortly before 4pm. Satisfying that perennial mystery: ‘I wonder what it’s like to paddle to Moresby?’ A very excellent day on the water with great folks. And hey, what could be better!

Friday July 8th

Paddle to Portland Island for Dinner

An afternoon and dinner paddle to Portland Island returning to Salt Spring in the early evening.

Host: Bryan 

Launch site: Hamilton Beach.

We’ll meet at 2:30 on the beach for an onshore briefing, then launch by 3:00. The paddle across Satellite Channel to Portland.  The group will stay together crossing the ferry lane for about 1.1 nautical miles.

Once at Portland Island, break at Arbutus Point (east end) , circumnavigate the island clockwise and explore at the shoreline, dinner and explore on the Shell Beach on the west side of the island.

  • Bring your dinner and beverages
  • This trip is  8 +/- nautical miles
  • Return time to Hamilton Beach is around 1900 approx.

Skill level: Moderate

Wednesday July 6

Vesuvius Beach to  Burgoyne Bay

This is the final leg (#6) in the Round Salt Spring Paddling Adventure 2016 to 2022. This is a one-way paddle.  Vehicle placement at Vesuvius and Burgoyne will be organized once the group is identified.  

Host: John 

Launch site: Vesuvius Beach – OTW 1030

Plan:  We’ll meet at 1000 on Vesuvius beach for an onshore briefing, then launch by 1030 with an ebb pushing us gently south all day. As with the previous five paddles in this series we will follow the shoreline, including exploring Booth Inlet. Bader’s Beach will provide an early lunch stop with easy landing and time to walk the large delta formed by Maxwell Creek. After lunch we continue south from Erskine Pt. into the northern part of Sansum Narrows following the uninhabited coast beyond Maxwell Pt. into Burgoyne Bay. 

We will land at the traditional Welcome Poles at the very end of the bay and celebrate the conclusion of paddling the ~60nm coast counterclockwise around Salt Spring. Even if you cannot make the paddle consider joining the celebration around 1500 at the Welcome Poles in Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park. All are welcome.

  • Bring your lunch, water, and any celebratory stuff!
  • This paddle is 9-10 nautical miles (1.8km to a nm)

Skill level: Easy to Moderate (due to length)

Group size: Limited to 8 and a wait list will be maintained.

Round Salt Spring Paddle History

  • Leg #1: 2016 Burgoyne Bay to Hamilton Beach (~14nm)
  • Leg #2: 2017 Hamilton Beach to Beddis Beach (~9nm)
  • Leg #3: 2018 Beddis Beach to Ontario Place (Long Harbour) (~10nm)
  • Leg #4: 2019 Ontario Place to Hudson Point (~10nm)
  • Leg #5: 2020 Hudson Point to Vesuvius Beach (~8nm)

Thank you for being part of the last leg (#6) in the Round Salt Spring Adventure. For some of you this was your first paddle in this series, while others have done a few of them. On July 6th we covered about 9nm at an average speed of 2.4 kts which is appropriate for a group of six taking time to explore the shoreline and inlets. With a tidal push somewhere on the route the maximum speed was 3.6 kts. 
Round Salt Spring Paddle History
  • Leg #1: 2016 Burgoyne Bay to Hamilton Beach (~14nm)
  • Leg #2: 2017 Hamilton Beach to Beddis Beach (~9nm)
  • Leg #3: 2018 Beddis Beach to Ontario Place (Long Harbour) (~10nm)
  • Leg #4: 2019 Ontario Place to Hudson Point (~10nm)
  • Leg #5: 2020 Hudson Point to Vesuvius Beach (~8nm)
  • Leg #6: 2022 Vesuvius Beach to Burgoyne Bay (~9nm)
Total distance around Salt Spring following all the bays and inlets is about 60nm.
It was a fun adventure over the years with a wide aviary of club members taking part. The best tide conditions were selected for each leg making for an easier paddle and more time to explore the coast. Perhaps in future someone will decide to do this series of paddles again, perhaps in the other direction or a bigger challenge… all in one year!

Wondering if others are  interested in joining  a paddle on Thursday exploring the Secretary Islands and perhaps Wallace Island.   Total distance could be up to 12 nm.  Planning to launch from Southey Point around 9:30AM on an ebb tide and return from the South end of Wallace on the flood tide.  There are a number of lovely landings along the route where we could stop for lunch including Chivers Point at the North end of Wallace.  Parking at Southey Point is limited so carpooling is recommended. 

Celebrate the beginning of summer  with a potluck dinner at beautiful Russell Island.

Host: Jude 

Launch site: Hamilton Beach or Drummond Park. (Parking is limited so we might need to plan to drop off some boats then shuttle some cars to Drummond Park). Please carpool if you can.

Plan: We’ll meet at Hamilton Beach to be on the water at 1630. Arrive early to manage parking logistics. We’ll paddle across to Russell Island to enjoy the late day sun, possibly hike around the island, and definitely enjoy good company and a potluck dinner.

Skill level: Easy.

We’ll return to Salt Spring as the sun sets and with a rising tide. Bring a plate, cutlery and a dish of something delicious to share for the potluck feast!

 Friday June 17.
Paddle to Portland Island.

Host: Gerry

Launch site: Hamilton Beach

Plan: We’ll meet at 1000 on the beach for an onshore briefing, then launch
by 1030. The paddle across Satellite Channel to Portland crosses the ferry
lane for about 1.1 nautical miles and the group will stay close together.
Once at Portland Island we’ll explore the shoreline in a low tide, and lunch
at either the north or south end of the island.  Bring your lunch and water.
This trip is about 8 nautical miles. Return time to Hamilton Beach is around

Skill level: Moderate

Group size limited to 8 and a wait list will be maintained.

Thetis Is. paddle changed to Prevost Is. on account weather and tides

Host: Jude

Below a few of the many exellent photos shared by this group.










Paddle to Prevost

Host: Tangachee
Plan: Meet at Beddis Beach at 1000 for a debriefing before getting on th
water. We’ll paddle across to Prevost Island (a 2 nautical mile crossing)
and follow the coast of Prevost going North, checking out Owl Island and
continuing on to James Bay. We’ll stop for lunch and beach exploration (it
is a low tide at 2 pm (1.6 feet) and to check out the campsite. We’ll return
using the same route but paddling through Glenthorne Passage and the
inside of Secret Island and will be back at Beddis Beach by 4 pm at the
Bring your lunch and water and pray for sunshine!
Skill level: Moderate.

The weather is looking great! Thinking of going out from Long Harbour to Chocolate beach?…
So what I’m thinking is meet at Long Harbour, usual place (Ontario rd?) & paddle to Chocolate Beach for lunch & relaxing in the sunshine!


Unfortunately Lisa is not able to provide Level 2 Skills training this year but hopes to be able to do so next year.  In terms of Level 1 Skills and rescue clinics, the dates and costs are listed below. Those who have already put their name forward for either will get priority, but just let me know what dates work.  If you had not indicated interest before, we will do our best to fit you in. A couple of people last year did not complete Level 1 Skills and Lisa will honour the fact you have already paid.

N.B. These are reduced prices for club members. The Level 1 would be  ~ $300 at a private company.

  • Please send your clinic/course preference or questions to 

Rescue Clinic on either St. Mary or Stowell Lake

Friday      May 13th 8.30am – Noon or 12.30pm to 4pm

Saturday May 14th 8.30am  – Noon or 12.30pm to 4pm

$20 per person cash or etransfer. Must bring own kayak, skirt, pfd, paddle plus spare, pump, sponge, stirrup if you have one and throw bag if you have one. Immersion clothing such as drysuit or wet suit ( farmer john/jane is fine ) is recommended. Nose plugs/goggles will enhance your experience!

Level 1 Skills on Salt Spring Island and ocean component from Salt Spring Island

 May 28th -29th or June 3rd– 4th.  8.30am to 4pm each day

 $120 per person.  Program details listed below.

Course Description:   

This course provides the skill and knowledge necessary for daylong sea kayaking trips in sheltered waters (non wilderness areas within 1 hours reach of medical assistance). Successful completion of level-1 indicates competence to paddle a sea kayak within a sheltered bay in the company of one or more paddlers with level-1 or greater skill and knowledge. This course is most appropriate for students who have some previous kayaking experience including rescues. Previous experience will result in greater success.

Class Size

The max class ratio is one instructor to six participants.


Full name and email address of participant required ahead of time to register course with paddle canada

Cost for the course is $120 per person.


You must arrange meals and transportation of your kayak and paddling gear for yourself during the course. A bag lunch is essential and lots of snacks are encouraged.

Course Content and Itinerary

The level one Paddle Canada course covers rescues, bracing strokes, propulsion strokes, charts, tides, currents, weather, compass use, route planning, safety and more. In order to be certified at this level you will need to perform the tasks and demonstrate an understanding of information to the standards of the course. There is no written test and assessment is done on a practical basis.

We will meet at 830am to complete waivers and payment. 

The first day will be from 830am-4pm with the morning spent learning rescues at a nearby lake, the afternoon will be classroom based focusing on the theory and materials of navigation, tides and weather. 

The second day will be 830am-4pm with an outing where we plan, pack for and take a day paddle in sheltered waters. Kayak strokes and other skills will be taught and practiced throughout this day.  Our exact locations and itinerary are subject to change as your instructor deems necessary for weather or other factors. Plan for some time at the end of the course for certificates and kayak loading.

What to Bring

Sea kayak  (must have bulkheads or secure float bags bow and stern)



Paddle (plus spare)

Spray skirt


Throw bag or tow-line (15m buoyant heaving line)

Change of clothes in a waterproof bag, do not bring cotton!

Sunglasses, sunscreen and hat

Water friendly footwear

Lunch, water and snacks (thermos with hot drink)

Paper and pencil(s)

Immersion clothing such as drysuit or a wetsuit (farmer john/jane style is fine) options include buy new from MEC $130, rent in Victoria, check thrift stores or make friends ☺ we will be in the water and you will be required to wear it.

*If possible please bring nautical chart number #3442 North Perder Island to Thetis Island 

In addition to the above you could bring a VHF radio, spare paddle, flares, compass, watch, and a ‘stirrup’ if you have or use one (a re-boarding aid made with 5m of webbing or sinking line available commercially or you can make your own).

You are invited to our first social of the year to be held at Drummond Park on Sunday April 24 from 1-3PM.

Pizza will be served for lunch. Hot and cold beverages, along with snacks, will also be provided. Please bring your own mug and cutlery.

Bryan has kindly offered to bring his kayak and will offer some practical advice for getting your kayak ready for the season. If you are new to kayaking or just want to know how to maintain your boat, Bryan may be able to offer you some tips.
Also, members of the committee will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding day paddles. We always need hosts for our Friday paddles so come and find out what is involved and how easy it is to host a day paddle. Day paddles are the life blood of this club so any suggestions or ideas on how to improve the day paddle experience will be welcome.
Volunteers to help out with the organization of this and future social events are always needed. Please let me know if you are able to help. 
Hope to see everyone there.
SSI Paddling Committee
Is anyone interested in getting on the water tomorrow?
A gentle paddle on a gently dropping Tide all day.
– Meet and unload on Hamilton Beach (Fulford Harbour) 11ish
– On the water 11:30 ish.   
– expore the shoreline
– Lunch, snack and or walk on Russell Is. 
– Back mid afternoon.
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